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The Office of Alumni and Development Information Systems provides the technological leadership and direction for the Division of Development and Alumni Relations (DDAR). We strive to acquire, maintain and report current and relevant information about Alumni, Friends, Parents, and Organizations. We maintain access, security and the proper controls to protect the access of our databases. We also manage the technology infrastructure and all technology projects within Development and Alumni Relations.

What Assistance is Provided?

Applications Support (including "How To" questions):
This service is available to all Division staff in all office locations for the following applications:

  • Advance Web/AWA
  • Email
    • Outlook with Exchange 
  • iFiles
    • Repository of documents and information
    • Document Imaging, Scanning, Going Green
  • iModules Online Giving
    • GiveTo.psu.edu, Thon, Nittany Lion Club, Hershey
  • Launchpad - Intranet
  • Lotus Notes
  • Reporting
    • Advanced Lookups
    • Crystal Reports
    • Data Warehouse

Batch Selects & Reporting:

Our Reporting Services Group is here to support with any reporting needs you may have that you are unable to provide for yourself using the tools available to you. This group can provide you with reports, mailing lists, labels, etc. Email: selectrequest@ddar.psu.edu.

Information Technology Training:

Hands-on, instructor led training sessions are provided for Advance Web (AWA) and other Alumni/Development database applications. In addition, technology training services include technical documentation of system procedures, on-line training and support resources available from the Alumni & Development Information Systems Training Resources site, with support and consulting services for supported software applications.

IS Services/Project Management:

The Information Systems team manages new and ongoing technology projects that support the Division of Development & Alumni Relations' goals and operations. Email: support@ddar.psu.edu.

Support of Software Installation and Configuration and Hardware Selection, Installation, and Maintenance Services:
This service is available for PSU owned equipment and to Division staff whose offices are located in the following buildings:

  • Bristol I
  • Hintz Alumni Center
  • Innovation Park (Office of Gift Planning), 103 Building, Suite 214
  • Lion Line Bldg. (Lion Line staff)
  • Old Main

This applies to the following software applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Advance
  • Antivirus Applications
  • Apple Operating Systems
  • Cisco Systems VPN Client
  • CrashPlan Pro (backup software)
  • Google Chrome
  • Identity Finder
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • SecureDoc Encryption Software
  • Secure W2 Wireless Client
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection

How Do I Request Assistance?

If you need to request a service provided by the Information Systems team:
Who should you contact? and How to contact us?

Hardware or Software: Installation, Maintenance, or Support
Contact the Support Desk

Support Desk business hours:

Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Through E-Mail:

Incoming Support Desk e-mail is sent to support@ddar.psu.edu. E-mail messages will be answered during Support Desk business hours.

By Phone:

To reach the Support Desk by phone, dial 814-865-0382. Requests for Support Desk assistance will be answered during Support Desk business hours. If the phone is not answered, your call will be transferred to the Support Desk voicemail. Voicemail messages are retrieved throughout the day by a Support Desk representative.

Track Support Desk Requests:

Requests for Support Desk assistance are recorded in a database. This ensures progress toward a final resolution, and provides a record of all the intermediary steps taken to arrive at a final solution. Support calls are maintained on a daily basis and prioritize based on urgency and continuing operations.

For questions regarding the status of a specific Support Desk request for assistance, please call the Support Desk phone number at 814-865-0382 or send an e-mail message to support@ddar.psu.edu.

IS Services/Project Management:

To request an Information Systems Project and/or Project Management Services, please send requests to support@ddar.psu.edu. Each request is reviewed and will be prioritized based on resources and availability.

Reports, Downloads, Mailing Lists, and Labels:
Contact the Batch Selects & Reporting Group

Through E-mail:

Please send your request to selectrequest@ddar.psu.edu

By Phone:

Please call one of the following Batch Selects and Reporting Staff Members:

  • Sharon Bywater at 814-863-4853
  • Lynne Shala at 814-863-4856

Requests for this service must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Requests must be authorized by the Development Officer or the Alumni Liaison of the College or Department. The written authorization should be sent to the Select Office at 260 Bristol I or via e-mail at selectrequest@ddar.psu.edu.
  • Know your criteria
  • Allow 3-5 days for completion of all select output.
  • Output may be sent to the requestor or directly to addressing services.
  • Payment for the select is requested when the individual is notified of the count.

Billing Information:

  • The charge for a list or labels is $15.00 per 1000 names with a $15.00 minimum.
  • Payment can be in the form of an IDCC on IBIS, purchase order, or check with the service organizaiton logo.
  • No personnel checks or cash will be accepted.

Technology Training and Services:

Training Sessions:

To view scheduled training sessions and to register, visit the training registration site at http://www.launchpad.psu.edu/Training/.

Alumni & Development Information Systems Training Resources Site:

To access supplemental, online training and support resources and to collaborate with your colleagues and peers, visit the Alumni & Development Information Systems Training Resources site.

Training Support and Consulting Services:

Post training support and consulting services are available (for software applications for which there are training sessions provided). Contact Advance Support at support@ddar.psu.edu.

Backups & Data Recovery

Staff Responsibilities:
Division of Alumni & Development staff are responsible for backing up data that resides on their individual PCs/laptops/mobile devices. All important documents should be saved to your personal network drive (drive H:) since this server is backed up nightly.

IS Responsibilities:
Files saved to all network servers are backed up on a nightly basis. This includes staffs' personal network drives (H:) as well as e-mail residing on the Exchange server. These files and e-mail messages can be recovered in the event of hardware failure or if accidentally deleted.


Treat all data as confidential:

  • Passwords
    • Make Strong Passwords  - Include letters, numbers and special characters
    • Never use your PSU passwords outside of Penn State for your banking and other non-PSU passwords
    • Never share your password
    • Don’t keep it on a Post it note attached to your screen
    • Change them quarterly
  • Credit Cards and SSN
  • PCI Compliance
  • Virus Protection and Identity Finder
  • Laptop Encryption
  • Sharing DataPSU.Box.com

Password Help

Use your Penn State Access Account Password for authentication:

  • Box.psu.edu
  • Crystal-on-demand report access
  • Launchpad
  • OHR attendance system
  • Penn State Access Account e-mail/Web mail
  • PSU VPN access

To change your Penn State access account Password for all the systems above:
visit https://www.work.psu.edu/password

Use your DDAR Computer Login Password for authentication:

  • Barracuda email spam filter
  • DDAR Outlook e-mail
  • DDAR VPN access
  • DDAR Web mail
  • Logging into your computer

To change your login password for all the systems listed above:

  • PC - You must be in the office to perform this change if you use a laptop.  Log into the computer, after you are in press CTRL, ALT, DEL keys and a window will appear, click on change password box and follow the instructions.  A system reboot is recommend following a successful password change.
  • Mac - You must be in the office to perform this change if you use a laptop.  Log into the computer, after you are in click your name in the upper right hand corner and then click “User & Group Preferences…”  The next window that appears will have a “Change Password…” button. Click it and follow the instructions.  A system reboot is recommend following a successful password change.

New Employee Computer Access Process

Alumni and Development Information Systems

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If the position is a Development paid position, the new employee will receive a security packet in the mail from the DDAR Human Resources Coordinator. If the position is not paid by Development, access forms are available from the LaunchPad under Policies & Forms / Forms.

Accounts Needed

(Forms provided by Information Systems in security packet)

Once the new employee signs and returns the access forms, the following accounts are created and access is given (this process can take up to two weeks once the forms are returned):

  • Penn State Access Account *
  • Network Account / Outlook (Central Unit Staff)
  • Advance Access
  • LAN (Central Unit staff) – If additional access to folders on the Shared Drive is needed, please contact the ADIS Support Desk (865-0382).
  • AIS Mainframe Account for eDDS (new employee will receive an email notification)
  • IBM Notes (new employee will receive an email with Notes password)
  • LaunchPad Access
  • Listservs (new employee will receive an email notification)

The new employee will be sent an e-mail message with instructions on how to schedule an Information Systems orientation session when the above access is complete.

* Penn State Access Account

The new employee can obtain their Penn State Access Id and password by taking their Penn State id+ Card to a Penn State Access Account signature station. (The Penn State id+ Card must be obtained at the id+ Office located in 103 HUB-Robeson Center. Their phone number is 865-7590.)

Additional Access

(Additional Approval Required)

The following access is requested by the department and requires the completion of additional forms by the new employee (forms should be sent to Steve Neeper at Bristol 1, Suite 260):

___ Additional Mainframe Access – The AIS Access Form is available from the LaunchPad under Policies & Forms / Forms.
___ A/BCOM for ISIS (student system)
___ CCOM for IBIS (financial forms)

___ iFiles and/or Research Reports – Access to iFiles and/or Research Reports can be requested by completing the iFiles/Research Reports Access form. This form is available from the LaunchPad under Policies & Forms / Forms. The new employee will receive an email notification that their access has been approved.

___ Data Warehouse – Access to the Data Warehouse can be requested by completing the Data Warehouse Access form from the LaunchPad under Policies & Forms / Forms. The Data Warehouse is available to Central Unit staff only.

___ ACS On-Demand Reporting/Crystal Reports – Licenses to this tool are limited to one employee per Unit or Fund. Please contact our Access & Security Representative, Tammy Kurtz, (see contact information below) to determine who is using your Unit's license.

Deletions and Transfers

Please contact Tammy Kurtz when an employee moves between departments or leaves the Division. She will initiate the process to update accounts for employees who move within the Division or will inactivate the accounts of employees who leave.          

Please Contact:

Tammy Kurtz
Access and Security Representative
Information Systems
Bristol Place 1, Suite 260
Phone:  814-863-2805
Fax: 814-863-6235
Email:  tlb28@psu.edu

Other Helpful LInks:


  • Visit the Division of Development & Alumni Relations Internal Web Site.

Alumni & Development Information Systems Training Resources Site

  • Visit the Alumni & Development Information Systems Training Resources Site.

Penn State's Information Technology Services (ITS) Site

  • View Penn State's Information Technology Services (ITS) site where you can find links for Account Services, Computing Resources, Networking Services, Safe Computing, Training Services, etc.

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  • Visit the Penn State's Administrative Information Services (AIS) site where you can find links for Services, Support & Training, AIS News, and more.